Rev. Dr. Curtis A. Jones

Rev. Dr. Curtis A. Jones

Dear Gaynelle – I am writing this letter on behalf of the Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church and those who attended the West Africa trip. It was an absolutely fantastic trip, both physically and spiritually to return to the Motherland.

I cannot begin to put into words the feeling and shivers experienced while standing in the door of no return at Goree Island, while trying to imagine how my ancestors must have felt, believing that they would probably never return. My very presence represented a return … the sense of jubilation and freedom overwhelmed me … I have you to thank for making this possible.

Thank you for selecting Mr. Harold Cook to be our guide, our host and friend for the duration of this trip. He performed with perfection with regards to business, his care for detail, and his command of the language made this a most memorable experience and trip. Harold Cook is truly an asset and I wish him and you the very best of success as we look forward to our next trip with Henderson …

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